Neil's Poetry Corner



By: Neil Primack June 2023


No language can describe

the miraculousness

to the connectivity

of our lives.

This we know,

deep in our hearts,

even though we resist,

being too far apart.

Life breathes in

then breathes out,

evoking the rhythm

of the universe,

within and without.

A song that’s often subtle,

occasionally loud.

however, it’s more likely

to be quite profound.

This is the music

that supports our foray,

thru the trials and tribulations

of the many characters

we portray.

Setting our sites

on a higher ideal.

A vision with purpose,

value and beauty,

beyond our duty,

and gifts to bare

our innermost instincts

and wildest dreams.

A privilege it is

to know thyself

as the living Spirit,

a spark of the sacred,

a window to the heavens,

with many rooms

and love to share.

All so worthy,

all so pure,

beyond all words,

transcending all thoughts,

that’s for sure.

Allowing this knowingness

to color our view,

it enhances all,

that we pursue.

An adventure it is,

a challenge and more,

an infinity to wander,

dabble and explore.

How wonderful

it is to know

that there’s so much more.

Stay open,

enjoy the ride,

you need not embellish

too much pride.

Trust your instincts,

and soon enough,

you’ll drink from the cup

that quenches our thirst,

that’s no bluff.

These rhythms we speak of

lift us higher and wiser,

to plateaus of peace

that we all aspire.

Be kind and choose

to temper your mind.

staying calm

helps us

forever unwind.

This path of the Heart,

we all know it’s true,

it’s just having the wisdom

to pursue and choose.



By: Neil Primack (2023)


The nature of healing,

so often bizarre,

chews you up,

spits you out,

cleanses your karma,

without a doubt.

Time alone

in a divided nation,

continuously seeking

an explanation.

As we reflect

our inner treasures,

above a world

of dualistic measures.

It spurs us on

thru valleys and trees,

honing our values,

like butterflies and bees.

Step by step,

lesson by lesson,

a hidden design,

prepares a new heaven.

What is this space,

we continuously seek?

offering new insights,

from peak to peak.

A glorious journey,

expanding our character,

solving mysterious riddles,

with puzzling parameters.

The outcome of healing,

a cool calming balm,

releasing all baggage,

without real harm.

Allowing the light,

of infinite suns,

filling your vision,

bleaching the dirt,

within your system.

It trims off much

of the weight we accumulate.

re-aligning our dharma,

while aiming to re-cooperate.

This healing is,

what it is for our benefit.

Whether one knows it or not,

I know for definite.



By: Neil Primack (2022)


So serene, magical and mysterious

as I peer beyond the dark void of space

and into the starlight from eons ago.

I wonder why and then ponder existence

in an attempt, to perceive

the strange order of all events.

Without expectation,

my heart opens like a beautiful orchid,

waiting and ready for the perfect conditions

to bloom and receive the evening light.

And, I begin to see inwardly,

as if I was looking at the entire galaxy

like never, before.

My inner hand reaches and reaches,

touching those stars

and the miracle that we even exist to enjoy

the awesome spectacle of our ‘Uni-verse’

which proceeds to overwhelm me.

A sky with an uncountable field of lights,

most of which no longer burn,

how bizarre yet transcendent.

That sense of past and future begin to blur

as my heart continues to blossom,

while noticing the firefly’s swirling their dance,

as they hover over a giant bonfire that we erected.

And still, the hum of the evening sky beckons me,

whispering its magic in my mind, as I contemplate,

hoping to understand,

thirsting for an epiphany of a realization,

shedding yet another layer of outgrown clothes.

The liberation, the music – so majestic, so loving,

where words never come close.

This is the high road we all must meet

as we peel off our ignorant blinders,

crushing the chains of our attachments.

The freedom, the peace!

How wonderful, how liberating.

Recognizing high-Self as the only authority,

while acknowledging the sweetness

of our unique collaboration.




By: Neil Primack 2023 (From an experience in 1983, after an outer Eck Initiation.)



then dreaming,

paralyzed by an unknown Being.

Fearing, I’m singing

Huuu… Huuu… Huuu… Huuu….

Rising from my shell.

Lucid as well.



suddenly I’m spinning.

Spinning at super-sonic speed,

with light blasting, bathing and

piercing completely thru me.

Purifying, cleansing,

clearing and healing.

Atoms re-aligning,


all so freeing.

A cosmic centrifuge,

designed to awaken,

without being shaken.

A sound so so loud,

a locomotive shrill,

emerging and blowing,

without knowing,

where it’s coming,

or where I’m going.

Awaken I do,

with all of IT

coming out-of-the blue.

Smiling I am,

‘heart’ opening again.

Wow! what wildness,

becoming more childish.

Forever is this space,

as heaven is no place,

but for a state of grace.




By Neil Primack (2020)


The Divine Love of the Shariyat,

a book of infinite golden wisdom,

its location appears hidden,

but for those resolved to gain admission.

As invisible teachings,

they so enter your heart,

piercing your ‘Being,’

emerging as art.

These gifts we share for the love of connection,

in a wayward world where we seek more direction.

We’ll sketch a journey to aid us forward,

while small steps and leaps propel us homeward.

This thing we seek no words can describe,

it surpasses Dr Jeckyl, even Mr Hyde.

We eventually realize there’s nothing to pursue,

it awaits our recognition

as we sing the Huuuuuuu.

As the sound of our ‘Self’

emerges from within,

we recognize its presence

as ‘Being’ the origin.



By Neil Primack 1984


Open your heart

See what flows in,

an ocean of Love

this is Heaven.

See what I see,

Blue Star of Spirit,

IT comes so close to me.

Lift-up your head,

Look to the sky

peak through the clouds,

open your eyes.

See what I see,

Blue Star of Spirit

IT comes so close to me.

Fly on, Fly on,

follow your Heart

sing on, sing on

don’t pull us apart.

That was how we were made,

out of the dust and clay.

Take off your clothes,

wake up from sleep,

look down the road,

see the Sun.

On my way home,

I feel so warm,

my mission is finally done.

Tune in old Soul,

there’s more to be known,

so, gather your clothes once more.

Make a mold of your mind,

see what you find,

behold, there’s more to endure.



By: Neil Primack (from a Soul-Travel experience in 2012)


Traveling at night in dreams upon dreams,

searching for portals of knowledge it seems.

I enter a city, hidden from many,

created by ancient ones whose training is uncanny.

While fully lucid, I’m walking a street,

familiar and serene, as if it’s my beat.

The setting is hypnotic with dreamy night air,

as I enter a temple with circular stairs.

I was greeted by guardians at every level,

who were monitoring my attendance on a granite pedestal.

The walls lit up and sparkled with light,

as I ascended new levels shown only at night.

I entered a gathering of mingling souls,

where I found I had on very few clothes.

No one noticed, they had no care,

I just walked by suspending all fear.

Proceeding ahead, to an unusual room,

I peered thru a window to see something new.

looking out upon a most uplifting scene,

the sparkling light pierced my Heart,

expanding my Being.

Layers of emotion unravel and heal,

helping me feel more whole.

I shed a tear of boundless joy,

seeing thru the window of Soul.

While I glimpse the light deep within,

with echoes of sound all around,

it sings the song of a heavenly place,

an eternity for which we’re all bound.

I make my way out of that space

and head down the shimmering halls,

the pillars glisten and pulse with gold,

a living presence for some to behold.

Level by level I wind my way down,

out to the evening night,

I find a path that leads me home,

it’s certain to be a flight.

The Master Traveler picks me up

in a vehicle with wheels and wings.

We soar thru valleys of magnificent color

and sights of amazing trees.

I open my eyes and lay there with thoughts

of joy and hope for all.

We’ll all make our way to this heavenly place,

join with our loved ones and know the grace.



by: Neil Primack  2018


Am I but a viewpoint into worlds upon worlds,

where the light shines bright with an eagle in flight.

Into endless realms we can journey far,

or stay right here and enjoy the north star.

Sooner or later we’ll appear to make way,

But the laws of vibration will tell a new day.

Around and around the endless cycle seems,

but with measured doses you’ll have more dreams.

Finding the balance both inside and out,

A challenge it is, without a doubt.

However bumpy your path may appear,

Pretty soon, you’ll have no fear.

So, follow your heart, you’re on the right track,

The ancient ones have guided you, but from behind your back.

It’s a long-term agreement from long long ago

To live in the present, beyond the Ego.

So why do I still tell this tale of old,

Perhaps it’s just needed to be retold.

You’re more than a viewpoint, you have vision and action,

Listen to your heart and join a new faction.

Just take the time to quiet the mind,

What you discover, could be a find.

Walk the edge slowly, with balance and wit.

It could end up becoming, a worthy hit.

Find your courage to express your gifts,

This will surely, bring you more bliss.

Never give up, there’s always more,

To learn and cherish, beyond every door.

An eternal journey forever and ever,

We’re just getting started, in banding together.

A hive mentality, this species we are,

We’ll figure out clues to unlocking our jar.

And then we’ll soar, with even more ease,

We’ll still have the frogs, butterflies and bees.

Our connection to nature is so profound,

Beyond all philosophy, where minds abound.

So, follow your heart and suspend all fears,

What you’ll find in the NOW, need not take years.

Then find the courage to walk your truth,

It’s a challenging path, if you choose.

There’s plenty of time, if you’d rather stay here,

In endless cycles of peace and fear.

It’s up to you, how far you take it.

It can open your heart and then you’ll make it.



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